AP Railventory 4 - The model railroad inventory

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This FAQ are suitable for version 3.x only. New FAQ for version 4.x will be released soon!

Will AP Railventory run on Windows 8.1/8/7?
Yes. Please note you need administrator privileges to enter your keycode. From version 4 onward, you will be able to use the software without admin privileges.
How to test whether the automatic image download works?
Please create a new item (article). As manufacturer, chose "Andreas Pothe, Software", as item number insert "test" (small characters!). If the test image is loaded, the download works perfectly. If it fails, and you are sure you have established an internet connection, please check whether you have a personal firewall/desktop firewall (e. g. Norton Internet Security, Outpost, ZoneAlarm, Windows XP-Firewall) installed and running. If so, this software disables all communication of AP Railventory with the internet. Please allow all communication of AP Railventory in your firewall (see the manual of the firewall how to do this) and restart the test.
Can I switch between American and European railroads?
Please select Extras|Options in the menu. A new window will be opened, then click onto the tab "Data". There you can select your favorite railroad continent.
What is the difference between AP Railventory and AP-Trains?
There's no difference. AP-Trains becomes AP Railventory because of some name conflicts to an American railroad magazine called "Trains".
How much is the upgrade from AP-Trains to AP Railventory 3.x?
Registered users of AP-Trains will get a free upgrade. You only need to enter your keycode again.
I am using Windows NT/2000/XP and every time I want to install AP Railventory, I only get the error "Administrator privileges required".
To install the software, you need administrator privileges on Windows NT/2000/XP. Please log in as administrator and install the software. You need admin preveleges only for installing, not to run the software.
Everytime I want to save my data, I get an error "Could not write file filename". The same when quitting the software. I use Windows NT/2000/XP.
You need the right to write in the program's directory. Please log in as administrator and set writing rights onto the directory. Now you can execute AP Railventory without this error message.
What is a "kinematic"?
The so-called "kinematic" is a slot-guide mechanism in vehicle chassis for true close-coupling at straight line without the danger of derailing at bend tracks. Most European models of gauges H0/TT/N have kinematics, American models mostly do not need it because of another coupling system.
Which currencies are supported by AP Railventory?
Theoretically AP Railventory supports all currencies. The most-spreaded currencies (like US-$, CAN-$, Euro, Pound, Yen, AUS-$, South African Rand, Hong Kong Dollar and many more) are included in AP Railventory, other currencies can be added. Even a non-added currency will be supported if it is supported by the Windows' "Control Panel".
Can I add own railroad companies to the AP Railventory database?
Yes. Therefore AP Railventory has a "Subsidiary database editor" included. Just start AP Railventory, go to menu "Extras" and select "Edit subsidiary database", that's all.

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